Seminars 2014

Speaker Affiliation Title Host Date
Oliver Frey Universitätsklinikum Jena Validation of flow cytometric assays in routine diagnostics and translational research Andreas Grützkau 2014-01-14
Björn Rissiek Universitätsklinikum Eppendorf ADP-ribosylation during cell preparation is detrimental for Tregs and NKT cells: a nanobody-based rescue strategy Ria Baumgrass 2014-02-07
Ulf Klein Columbia University, NY, USA Germinal center B-Cell maintenance and differentiation are controlled by distinct NF-kappaB transcription factor subunits Alexander Scheffold 2014-04-07
Charlotte Giesen University of Zurich The tumor microenvironment of human breast cancers-Mass cytometry goes imaging Andreas Grützkau 2014-04-08
Bill Gause Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, USA Helminths, Wound Healing and Worm Expulsion Susanne Hartmann 2014-05-06
Frank Nestle King's College London Inflammatory Skin Disease: From Genes to Function and Targeted Therapy Christina Zielinski 2014-05-09
Andrea Cerutti IMIM Role of innate lymphoid cells in antibody production Simon Fillatreau 2014-06-11
Hiromi Kubagawa University of Alabama, USA What we have learned so far about the newest member of Fc receptor, IgM Fc receptor Andreas Radbruch 2014-07-03


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