Seminare 2014

Referent Affiliation Titel Gastgeber Datum
Oliver Frey Universitätsklinikum Jena Validation of flow cytometric assays in routine diagnostics and translational research Andreas Grützkau 14.01.2014
Björn Rissiek Universitätsklinikum Eppendorf ADP-ribosylation during cell preparation is detrimental for Tregs and NKT cells: a nanobody-based rescue strategy Ria Baumgrass 07.02.2014
Ulf Klein Columbia University, NY, USA Germinal center B-Cell maintenance and differentiation are controlled by distinct NF-kappaB transcription factor subunits Alexander Scheffold 07.04.2014
Charlotte Giesen University of Zurich The tumor microenvironment of human breast cancers-Mass cytometry goes imaging Andreas Grützkau 08.04.2014
Bill Gause Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, USA Helminths, Wound Healing and Worm Expulsion Susanne Hartmann 06.05.2014
Frank Nestle King’s College London Inflammatory Skin Disease: From Genes to Function and Targeted Therapy Christina Zielinski 09.05.2014
Andrea Cerutti IMIM Role of innate lymphoid cells in antibody production Simon Fillatreau 11.06.2014
Hiromi Kubagawa University of Alabama, USA What we have learned so far about the newest member of Fc receptor, IgM Fc receptor Andreas Radbruch 03.07.2014
Xinhua Yu Research Center Borstel A novel mouse model of primary Sjögren’s syndrome Gabriela Riemekasten 12.08.2014
Graham Pawelec University of Tübingen Immunity and ageing: causes and consequences of immunosenescence in humans Andreas Grützkau 26.08.2014


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